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Welcome to IndiaChat! This is one of the oldest indian chat of India. We have changed our design and made it new for better chat experience.

This india chat is started for simple chat experience. We use IRC (Internet Chat Relay) chat software for this platform. This chat will feature lots of indian users actively participating in online chat discussion. We host this chat room safely. This chat is dedicated to all indians of India and around the world. We will also cover the hindustan and bollywood chats.

  • This chat is entirely made free.
  • Popular chat of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Surat, Gujrat, Noida, Hyderbad, Goa and most cities and villages of India
  • Chat reliefs for loneliness, depression. Get refreshed here at India chat!

India Chat Services

We have amazing chat services for indian chat.

New Evolution

This chat is completely new and revolution of IRC Chat Networks.

Beautiful Layout

Our India Chat can be enjoyed with beautiful design for both mobile and laptop or desktop uses.

Friend list

Join this chat to make friends and have fun. Get entertained with chatting to strangers.

Speed Chat

Our India Chat templates run at light speed and is quick and efficient to use. Try our Kiwi India chat which is ultra fast.

World Chat

Our chat is global and international. People from America, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries combine here.

24/7 Chat

Our Indian Online Chat runs 24 hours of 7 weeks. Late night chat is also here.

Why choose this India Chat?

This India Chat is developed for quality chat. We don't allow sex chat. This is nude free chat room.

We don't track any user's information as this is indian guest chat room. So, have as much as fun as you can.

There are no hidden charges as well. You can chat with any strangers online in the list. Just click the user and hit PM. We are also integration video and voice chat option in the near future. So, you can use the mic, webcam and talk face to face.

Chat Relationship

Make indian friends and indian gf or bf. You are free to make relationship here. But be careful while sharing personal information. This is only not indian adult chat.

Chat Memories

Have fun and create memories in the chat room. Live your best days or night in the chat room. We also have horoscope in the chat room to make your day!

Chat Cities of India

As India is multi cultured country and there are many languages in the country itself like tamil, hindi, urdu. We have google translate to understand chat languages. Indian teen chat is also allowed with parental guidance.

Get connected with every indian of the city, village and world.

You can talk or chat with most of the female indian here and get their facebook, whatsapp, twitter, instagram address to view their profile; pictures and videos.

Share your chat story, emotions and views about life in this india chat.

India chat on the go! Walk and talk with bollywood music.

You can enjoy our chat on the smart phones. As we enable the voice chat option soon!

You can also listen to hindi music on the background during the chat.

We have made our chat secure and soothing. You can enjoy this free india chat anywhere anytime.

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India Chat Team

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Chat Options

We have different chat themes and options for smart phones either android or ios, laptops, desktops, tablets or iPads.


Web Chat

  • Clean chat design
  • Supports emoticons and emoji
  • Shows country flags
  • 24/7 Live Chat
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Ajax Chat

  • Quick chat load up
  • Supports emoji
  • Private message log support
  • 24/7 Online chat
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IRC Cloud Chat

  • Slick design
  • Mobile support, send pics.
  • Supports Avatars and emoji
  • 24/7 Unlimited chat
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Frequently Asked Questions

View questions asked commonly on our india chat site and their answers.